Asian Mycological Association
Minutes of Third Executive Committee Meeting 2007-2011 (3/2011) 2016-03-29 10:26:30

Time     :          1.00 pm  
Date    :           8th. August  2011  (Wednesday)      
Place    :           IncheonUniversity, Incheon, Korea



Welcome  greeting was given by the AMA Chairman, Prof. Dr. Liu Xingzhong to all  committee members of the Asian Mycological Committee (AMA). He conveyed Dr Kevin’s apologies for not  being able to be present due to health reasons. He presented Dr Kevin’s  power point presentation. Dr. Kevin expressed his thanks to all country  representatives for their support in attending the meeting.

As a number of  members were new, Dr Hyde gave a brief explanation of AMC and its aims and roles  in promoting mycology in the region. AMA is part of the IMA.

A number of  country representatives cannot attend the AMAmeeting due to lack of funds.

AMC 2011 was  very successfully held and the Chairman thanked the organizing committee  headed by Dr. Tae Soo Lee who briefed the members. The Chairman congratulated  Dr Lee for the excellent meeting

Current  Chairman announced that Ms Na Jiang will be the officer in charge of the  administrative duties of AMA

All members


The minutes of  the previous meeting (2/2009) held in 18th  November 2009, National Museum of National Science, Taichung, Taiwan were  passed without any amendments.

All  members


Dr. Kevin  suggested in his presentation that Special Interest Groups need to have  activities

He suggested  that the financial structure should be resolved; a mechanism for seed funding  to support the organization of AMA meetings and constitution to be  scrutinized.

Election of  committee members should be a democratic matter and can be done at AMA  meetings

All  members

President, Vice  - Presidents and Secretary  

All members


AMC Congress is the AMA Committee’s main activity conducted  once in every two years. As this is our main activity there were a number of  suggestions to make the meeting as meaningful as possible to all attendees.

Dr Oded  suggested that we increase the number of sessions to include postgraduate  sessions. Plenary speakers can have discussion session with student  attendees. Programs to be circulated early to participants.

Dr Buchanan  suggested that students should be encouraged to ask questions and speakers to  engage students during talks.

Both Drs.  suggestions were in line with AMAs  aspiration to promote mycology and to instill in students the need to strive  for excellence in mycological research.

Prof. Lilian  said that we should target outcomes and country representatives can follow up  with attendees from their countries to gauge the success of the meetings.

Dr Lilian  suggested that education to create awareness is not only important for future  mycologists but also policy makers and to support the fight to get recognition  for mycology as an important component of science curriculum.

Dr. Lilian  touched on the journals and publications and how impact factors are diluted  by too many journals. Make mycology publications interesting to help the  member countries journals to attain higher impact factor and to be listed in  as ISI journals. This may attract more funding to support the journals she  said.

To encourage  participation from less developed countries organizers can consider having  different rates of registration fees (consider the rates offered to home  country participants)

Chairman  suggested that training courses, fungal Forays and  workshops of special interest groups be  organized together with AMA.

Organising  Committees of AMA congress

Country Representatives

All members


There  were  bids by both China and India (reviewed by  Dr Kevin) to host AMC2013.  China was  selected to host AMC 2013.

This is the  main activity of AMA Committee. Prof Liu briefed that the meeting will be Beijing  and it will be in Aug2013. Tentative venue will be the Olympic village which  has ample conference facilities as well as affordable accommodations.   Various Special Interest Groups (SIG) will be  hold before the main program and these are free of registration.

Prof Lee  (organizing Chairman of AMC2009) will pass the initial seed money of USD1,500 (from IMC for AMC 2007) to AMC  2013 committee.



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1.6       ELECTION OF AMA COMMITTEE 2011-2015

Two vice-chairman Dr Tae Soo Lee (finance) and Dr Vikineswary (tasked to  look into the constitution) and Dr Lei Cai as Secretary were nominated.

Dr Akira Suzuki and Dr Kevin remain as ex-officio members.


Prof Okuda suggested that the old website be removed and replaced with  the new one set up by Dr. Kevin. He suggested that Dr Lei Cai the secretary  manage the webpage –

The newsletter  should look at the target audience and have articles and news to attract the  readers


All members

1.8      AWARDS

The  Committee member congratulate Dr. Lei Cai and Dr. Kevin Hyde who won the “Young  Mycologist Award” and the “Eminent Mycologist Award”


AMA should work  together with International Council ofro Fungal Conservation  was the suggestion by Dr Buchanan and Dr.  Hattori.

A calendar of  activities should be prepared and circulated to all members ( this can  include activities in member countries suggested Dr Viki)

Dr Nikki  (Philippines) suggested that the study of myxomycetes be considered as a  special interest group.

There can be  staff / student exchanges between members countries

Member  countries to support young mycologists to attend. Best  abstracts/presentations can win prizes to support research. Dr Viki said we  can try to approach large companies – scientific and research based  organisation to support the  award

All  members

All members to  give information to Secretary

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All members

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