Asian Mycological Association
BY-LAW for AMA Awards 2016-03-28 14:41:30

Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award

Best young Asian Mycologist Award (under 40 years old)

1. Each country society is eligible to nominate one candidate for each award. Candidate can be proposed from within their own country or from another asian country. Committee for awards may also propose up to 2 candidates from Asian countries that have no mycological society established.

2. Award committee invites candidates to submit CV and Scopus and SCI analysis.

3. Judging online based on

►Scientific publications, books and patents – 60%

► International impact of work – 20%

► Social impact of work – 20%

4. Data to combine judging data and email award committee decision or further deliberations to decide on winners.

Award committee (7 members)

►Chairman of AMA

►Two Vice-Chairman of AMA

►Chairman of IMA

►One senior Asian mycologist (possibly the past awardees of the Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award)

►Two other international scientists from out of Asia

1.    Invitations to AMA meeting with full costs
2.    Award (medal, certificate, 500 USD cash prize) to be awarded at special ceremony at AMA meeting
3.    Both winners to give special lectures

Each AMA meeting will support the award.

*AMA countries with societies
China, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Philippines,Taiwan, Thailand
** Definition of Asian Mycologist
An Asian mycologist is considered to be a person living and working in an Asian country for at least five years. For example an American working in Hong Kong for at least five years would be eligible. On the other hand, a Thai person working or studying in America would not be eligible.