Asian Mycological Association
An Editorial Appeal 2016-03-29 11:06:49

The primary function of the Newsletter of the Asian MycologicalCommittee (AMC) is to inform members of mycological-related activities withinthe region served by the Committee. While only a restricted range of items makeup this first issue, the ultimate aim is to create a  recognised andsought-after source of information for mycologists everywhere. Future editionsare expected to contain major feature articles, a `letters column'  formembers to express their personal views on various matters relating to the roleof  AMC and its future development, and any other sections that memberswould like to see included and to which they may wish to contribute.

Clearly, the success of the Newsletter in fulfilling its primaryrole will depend for the most part on individual mycologists and the input theyprovide. Only if this is forthcoming will the success of the exercise beassured. Therefore, send your contributions to your AMC representatives (contactinformation is provided below). To help the editorial process, please ensurethat you follow the standard formats (e.g. publications, conferenceannouncements, book releases, etc.) as used in this issue and, wheneverpossible, provide a computer diskette with your contribution (Microsoft Word orWord Perfect preferred).